Reimagining financial planning

for clients and professionals

Hannah J. Moore CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Financial Transitions™ expert, educator, and speaker. She’s also the creator of The Externship (previously known as the FPA Virtual Externship). 

She is dedicated to making financial planning more inclusive, accessible, and compassionate. Hannah offers comprehensive financial planning services through her own firm, and provides new financial professionals training and mentorship through Amplified Planning CORE. She speaks on various topics related to financial planning, professional development, and being a working parent.

Hannah in the News

A Revolutionary Training Model for Financial Planners

Hannah J Moore CFP headshot

Hannah has been recognized as one of the leading voices in the financial planning profession, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and nationally. She’s been included in Investopedia’s Top 100 list every year since 2019 and was named a Leading Woman Financial Planner in 2023. She was also named on Barron’s 2022 Top 10 List of People to Watch. 

Hannah has received prestigious awards from the Financial Planning Association®, D Magazine, Financial Advisor Magazine, ThinkAdvisor, Barron’s Advisor, and WealthManagement.com. 

A human-focused approach to money

More than financial planning alone, Hannah believes that the way we talk about and approach money can change lives — and communities. She’s passionate about using her expertise and credentials to help people from all walks of life, especially those who are underserved by traditional approaches to financial planning and investing. 

Through her speaking and leadership, Hannah is on a mission to bring positive change to individuals and communities through financial education, training resources for planners, and more. As an industry speaker, she brings a fresh perspective to this work, encouraging students and peers to transform the financial planning profession to serve clients with compassion and creativity.