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Hannah Moore, CFP®, has brought her unique perspective on financial planning, career development, and professional training to audiences at events such as:

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A leader in the financial planning profession, Hannah has consistently been named in Investopedia’s annual list of Top 100 Advisors and D Magazine’s list of Top Financial Planners in Dallas. She’s also been recognized by WealthManagement.com, Investment News, and ThinkAdvisor.

Speaking Topics

Nontraditional Financial Planning

The traditional approach to financial planning (that primarily serves wealthy investors) is outdated and exclusionary. Hannah believes that planners can serve their clients and communities better through innovative problem-solving and caring empowerment.

Diversity in Financial Planning

When financial planners look beyond the numbers, they can meet their clients with compassion and ingenuity to provide guidance that impacts multiple generations. Intentional inclusivity is the key to making financial planning accessible — and effective — regardless of personal history or socioeconomic background.

Maternity Leave for Client-Facing Professionals

Many women worry that taking maternity leave will cause them to lose clients and gain a reputation for being “unreliable.” As someone who has navigated maternity leave three times, Hannah brings a thoughtful perspective to this vital issue.

Motherhood in the Workplace

Maternity leave isn’t the only difficult aspect of being a parent and a professional. However, Hannah believes that motherhood can be an asset for financial planners, not a liability. She shares her experiences as a working mother to show how parenthood has made her a better financial planner and client advocate.

Training the Next Generation of Financial Planners

Standard financial planning courses and traditional internships don’t adequately prepare new financial planners for the challenges and opportunities of client work. Hannah believes a collaborative, multifaceted approach to education and mentorship is the key to empowering planners to serve a diverse clientele facing the unique factors of an unpredictable financial landscape.

Welcoming the Next Generation:

The Externship

After everything shut down in 2020, Hannah partnered with the Financial Planning Association to create an all-new kind of learning opportunity for CFP® students and aspiring planners: A virtual externship. Because students couldn’t find in-person learning opportunities, Hannah and FPA created an online one. Over the course of eight weeks, externs complete the curriculum, create hypothetical client plans, and even learn from 25+ planners and their differing approaches to financial planning. The result? One of the most robust learning programs in the profession.

In the first year alone, over 1,200 people joined. Since then, over 3,300 people have completed the Virtual Externship, which is now entirely hosted and delivered by Hannah.

Hannah’s goal with The Externship is to support students, new professionals, career changers, experienced professionals, and those who are entirely new to financial planning – with unique insights into the profession. Hannah wanted to show new and existing planners alike just what’s possible with a career in financial planning, and how this work can make a difference in a planner’s life and the lives of their clients. 

This 8-week program is so well-recognized in the profession that externs return year after year. It’s now sponsored by eMoney, Schwab, and others — and externs can also earn 180 CFP Board Standard Pathway experience hours upon proof of completion

Teaching the Next Generation:

The Residency at Guiding Wealth

As part of her mission to transform financial planning into a more compassionate, inclusive profession, Hannah has created an innovative educational program, The Residency at Guiding Wealth. A “teaching hospital” for financial planners, this program gives new CFP® professionals the chance to work directly with Hannah in client-facing work.

To qualify for The Residency, aspiring financial planners must be on the path to obtain their CFP® credentials and begin training with Hannah through Amplified Planning CORE and The Externship. Outstanding candidates are hand-picked and offered a chance to participate in The Residency, where they work directly with her firm, Guiding Wealth. Hannah oversees their work as they provide financial planning services to clients.

This unique training model offers benefits to planners and clients alike. New planners get the support and guidance of a dedicated mentor while applying their training to real-life client projects. Guiding Wealth clients can choose to work with Residency planners to receive low-cost one-time financial plans. It’s a creative approach that’s bringing positive change to financial planning. 

Hannah is available to share her findings, explore this model, and discuss how this program can impact clients, planners, and the profession.

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